Need a dynamic and authentic speaker who will inspire you to get unstuck?


Are you looking for a dynamic and authentic speaker that will motivate and inspire others to live a life filled with passion and purpose?

Check out topics Lauren is passionate about:

How to Reclaim Your Power and Design A Life You LOVE!

Allowing Your Passion For Life and Purpose To Discover YOU!

The Power in Pause

Turning Hustle Into Alignment

How To Get Off Your Hamster Wheel

The Magic In Discovering YOU!

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to take the leap and invest in yourself by engaging in my 3 month personalized curated pathway to passion coaching program?

What You'll Get:

Pathway to Passion Program

Curated self-discovery program that will allow your passion for life and your purpose to discover YOU!

Human Design Reading

Think of the human design a user manual to you and your life. It’s a tool that helps awaken your inner wisdom and power.

Top 3 Enneagram Highlights

Learn your strengths and unconscious blocks utilizing the Ennegram.

6 one-hour Intensive Calls

Followed by personalized detailed call notes and action plans.

Life Path Number Overview

Undersstaning your life path number can help you understand yourself and navigate your life with a greater sense of purpose.

Unlimited Voxer Access

This of this as as our walkie talkie system that is available to you 24/7.
*Serious inquiries only. This investment is $2,500.

Is the Pathway To Passion Coaching Program right for me?

Can you feel that you are meant to do something else, but you have no idea what that something else is?

Have you lost your zest for life and feel rundown on the regular?

Are you successful, but feel unfulfilled?

Are you looking for your passion and purpose?

Do you have a wild idea, but can’t seem to get off your hamster wheel to get started?

Why Me As Your Trusted Guide?

Issue Spotter

For the last 10+ years as an attorney I’ve perfected the ability to issue spot and strategize. I am known for getting results!

I Get It

I was you! I had very little energy for anything and had absolutely no idea how to find my passion for life or purpose.

It's My Passion

I love helping other people, which is why my undergrad is in psychology. I am intuitive, empathetic, and motivating.


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