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“When I began working with Lauren I had taken a huge promotion, moved to a new city and life should have been great. However, my life was not great, I was in one of the lowest places I had ever been both professionally and personally. That new promotion came with huge sacrifices like time away from my family amongst other things. Yet, I was mentally paralyzed by the “what if’s” and how will I make it without this job. Lauren, helped me to understand my value, who I was as a professional and challenged my thinking. Between my calls with Lauren and her Mind Muscle Motivator Instagram page it ignited a newly found fire inside of me and helped me to understand I was not powerless, I was powerful!!! A few months after working with Lauren, I found the courage to step out on faith and leave the job that was not right for me. In doing so it was the single most important gift I had ever given myself! I can not express how liberating it is to have the courage to choose yourself!!! If it weren’t for my relationship with Lauren and for learning how to strengthen my mind I do not know that I would have ever found my inner courage and for that I am eternally grateful.” ~Kieshia

“My conversations with Lauren are inspiring! She has truly leaned into slowing down and changing her life. That’s something I had wanted to do for a long time, but was afraid to do. I worked really hard to “establish” myself, my life, my family, my role, my routine. A few weeks before the pandemic hit hard, Lauren and I spoke on the phone. She was very encouraging and I admired her ability to own her decision to slow down and be more mindful of what her priorities should be and how to alter her life to embody her truth. Though I am risk averse, Lauren shared how she took a leap of faith and put fears behind her. One thing that really stuck out to me was how she said she “came to peace” with her decision to change her life. She is such a positive, motivating, kind, and powerful woman. I’m excited to continue my relationship with Lauren and know she was put into my life at the moment she was for a reason. I’ve been living my life more intentionally every day since we started connecting and that’s the best gift I could receive AND provide to my family.” – Fortune 100 Director

“I had the privilege of having Lauren as my mentor for two months, during that time Lauren gave me many helpful tools that I could use for a lifetime! Lauren had a natural ability to know what I was struggling with and was extremely helpful in giving me tools that would help me change the way I thought about things. I gained more confidence in who I was, learned to trust myself, and speak into my future. I always loved talking with Lauren! During our time together, I became completely free from looking for validation in other people. Lauren is a trustworthy, kind, loving, generous, and gracious person with a big heart and loves to see people succeed in life! If you are struggling and need someone to talk with, I would recommend Lauren, she has wisdom in helping you succeed in life!” – Irene Slabaugh

I highly recommend working with Lauren! After the birth of my second child, I knew I was at an inflection point in my life, but I felt stuck and couldn’t recognize what I needed to shift myself forward. Lauren’s questions sparked a life-changing conversation. She offered me ideas and activities to continue my discovery process. These tools and suggestions inspired me to be accountable for creating the life and happiness I always wanted. Now I wake up energized with a sense of direction and purpose. I am genuinely excited about the possibilities for today and the future! – Tiffany