Reclaim Your Power

This book will inspire you to begin or deepen your self discovery process so you can reclaim your own power, which will allow your hidden gems to reveal themselves.

Are you looking for more passion and purpose in life?

YOU have hidden gems within YOU, they are patiently waiting for you to discover them! Reclaim Your Power serves as a guide that will help allow your passions and purpose to discover YOU!

Through everyday life stories, Reclaim Your Power shares the wisdom, lessons, and passion pathway learned on a four year inward quest. The book demonstrates the value in honoring your thoughts, feelings, and true desires.

Author spotlight

You may be wondering why me as your trusted guide?

I went on a four year inward quest to find answers by hiring coaches, attending trainings and retreats and becoming a self-help enthusiast! Along my quest, I discovered the exact steps needed for your passions and purpose to discover YOU!

I’m also the creator of Mind Muscle Motivator, LLC, and I help busy, driven women step into their authentic selves through writing, speaking, and coaching.

Lauren Krasnodembski

Reclaim Your Power Is For You If

  • You’ve created a lot of great things in your life, yet you feel like something is off or missing
  • You want more passion in your life
  • You’re searching for a purpose
  • You’re ready to discover yourself on a deeper level
  • You’re ready to give yourself the love that you so freely give to everyone around you

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