About Lauren

Lauren is the creator of the Mind Muscle Motivator, LLC a transformational wellness company that supports high-achieving women reclaim their power by turning their hustle into passion and purpose through creative writing, speaking, coaching and retreats. Lauren is a thought provoker, seed planter, and student of life.

By day Lauren is a full time privacy attorney for a fortune 10 company and spends her free time anywhere by the water with her family.

She is passionate about helping other women discover themselves on a deeper level so their passion for life and purpose discover them and they design a life they LOVE! Eating yummy food may just be her second passion!

"Family is where life begins and love never ends."

Lauren was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and is married to her high school sweetheart, Brian. Together they are raising two beautiful gifts, Brody and Maya who keep everyone on their toes.
Brody and Maya are Lauren’s biggest fans. Favorite family activities include traveling, swimming, hot tub dates, and bike rides.

My Story

I used to cringe when someone would say, “ya, know…everything happens for a reason.” It is hard to understand why we are faced with hardship and the everyday turbulence of life, but I’ve learned that it is our wounds where our light emerges and where we discover things beyond our wildest imagination.

Most people would describe me as a bubbly, driven, compassionate boss lady who gets shit done and smiles a lot!

Truth is…it took some soul searching to really figure out exactly who I thought I was and let go of old beliefs and stories that I had continually told myself. I also had to get very clear on what I really wanted out of life so that I could begin to create space for those things. I had run on my hamster wheel for so long that my energy and zest for life had depleted, despite having created the life that I wanted.

Naturally, somewhere along my journey I lost myself. I was living a good life, but deep down I knew it could be better. I could feel I was not doing what I was put on this Universe to do, yet I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was meant to do.

In 2017 I was asked a simple question, “What are you passionate about?” I couldn’t answer the question, but I desperately wanted the answer. It sent me down an inward quest, which was kicked into high gear when my daycare provider’s husband’s life was tragically taken out of nowhere. It reminded me that my life is NOW and that I have one chance to live it so I better start taking action outside of my box.

As many of us strive to do, I “checked my boxes.”

  1. Got married.
  2. Became a successful attorney so I could be financially independent.
  3. Bought a house that we curated into a warm home.
  4. I was gifted with two beautiful children.
  5. Traveled, enjoyed family, friends and food.

One would think after checking my boxes I would be 100% fulfilled right! Yet I had a constant lingering feeling that something was “off” and I had no idea what that “off” feeling was or what I should be doing to figure it out. I often questioned whether being an attorney was my calling, but quickly dismissed the thought because I had spent the last 15 years becoming one and busted my ass to work for a Fortune 10 company. I kept telling myself I should be grateful for what I have and that I was a selfish for thinking there had to be more to this life. I vividly recall driving home from Costco one Sunday thinking, “Is this really going to be the rest of my life?” PS. I LOVE Costco!

I now understand that checking boxes is not the key to fulfillment and a life filled with passion, purpose, and peace. That must come from within by reclaiming your power. As I sat in an Uber and my passion discovered me, running through my body like a wildfire, I knew I was sent a clear message from a higher power that helping other busy driven women reclaim their power so they can live a life filled with passion is my true calling in life.

What I Believe

I believe that your passions and purpose discover YOU through the self discovery process.

I believe there are hidden gems within YOU! You either know they are within you, but may find them a bit dusty or you may be completely unaware that anything else is within you.

I believe that when you exercise your mind daily it begins to serve you, which allows you to live purely from your heart space. This is where magic happens!

I believe your hidden gems go undiscovered because you are too busy seeking external things, caught up in false beliefs, too busy feeding the fears, and doing ALL the things which leaves you no time for your passions and purpose to discover YOU.

I believe this world desperately needs your special gifts and energy to shine!

I believe you are an instrument of divine light and love.

The world needs YOU and your gifts! Gifts that you may not even know currently exist within YOU!

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